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At the University of Lyon 1, Department of Mechanics


Advanced Fluid Mechanics (2nd year of Master)
Potential flow, circulation, Joukovski transformation, potential flow modelling of flow past a wing. Classical boundary-layer theory (Blasius, Falkner-Skan), planar jet, approach of von Karman-Pohlhausen. 3D airfoil theory, downwash. .
Teaching methods: lectures based on handouts and problem sheets.

Multiphase Flows (2nd year of Master) :
Regimes of two-phase flows. General axisymmetric flows for potential flow (Levich drag, virtual mass) and Stokes flows (including Stokes drag). Lagrangian tracking. Hydrodynamic interaction between particulates. Derivation of continuum models for dispersed twophase flows. Effective transport coefficients for dispersed twophase flows (effective diffusivity, Einstein viscosity). Drift-flux models. Kinematic waves and shock waves. Kynch theory. Instability in two-layer flows: Rayleigh instability of capillary breakup, Rayleigh-Taylor instability. Methods for numerical simulation of twophase flows.
Teaching methods: lectures based on handouts and problem sheets.

Numerical methods for PDEs (1st year of Master) :
Construction of finite-difference schemes; centered and decentered discretisations, high-order discretisations, interpolation polynomials. Lax theorem. Convergence, consistence and stability of numerical schemes. Schemes and exact solutions for the heat, transport, convection-diffusion and wave equations (1D and 2D).
Teaching methods: lectures, problems classes wherein the stability, consistency and convergence of methods is assessed; computing classes wherein methods are implemented and used.

Fluid Mechanics (1st year of Master)
Short revision course at the start of the Master in Mechanics and the Master in Civil Engineering. A lecture, problems classes and a computational assignment, mostly on viscous unidirectional flows.

All the support material is available online at http://ufrmeca.univ-lyon1.fr/moodle/ Restricted access