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Loïc Méès

CNRS researcher
Tel.: (33) 04 72 18 61 95

My research activities are concerned with light scattering by particles and its applications to metrology in two phase flows.

Optical diagnostic in multiphase flows

Optical techniques are often used in fluid mechanics as they are non-intrusive and accurate. Backlit imaging, interferometric imaging, out of focus imaging and Inline Digital Holography are some examples of techniques that can be combined or further developped to provide the required information depending on experimental constraints and research objectives.

Interaction between laser light and particles

Interaction between a femtosecond pulse and a water droplet (GLMT)

Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theories describe interactions between laser beams and particles with regular shapes (spheres, cylinders, ...), in a rigorous electromagnetic framework. They are used as reference to develop or to test the limits of alternative models, which would be more suitable for a given application. Scalar theories of diffraction or geometrical optics models (more or less elaborated) for example. Read more...

Evaporating droplets tracking by means of Digital Holography

Digital Holography is used to track droplets evaporating in a strong isotropic and homongeous turbulence. To acheive the required accuracy in 3D position and diameter measurement, an ’inverse problem’ approach for hologram restitution is adopted and developped through a long term collaboration with the "non-conventional imaging" team of Laboratoire Hubert Curien (Université Jean Monnet, Saint Etienne). Read more...

recent publications


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