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Instabilities and Turbulence

Post-doctoral position at LMFA

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Post-doctoral position at LMFA

Mechanisms of collisions between spheroidal particles in turbulence: application to cloud microphysics (H/F)

The project is devoted to the settling of spheroidal (rod-like or disc-like) particles in a homogeneous isotropic turbulent flow. We focus here on objects smaller than the Kolmogorov scale of the flow and of density much larger than that of the fluid [1,2,3]. The main motivations for studying these problems indeed come from cloud microphysics (ice crystals or water droplets in air). Our group has investigated more particularly the collisions of these particles [4,5], which play a major role in the formation of precipitation in cold clouds.

The next step of the project will consist in identifying the physical mechanisms which drive the collisions of these non-spherical objects. The postdoctoral researcher will join this research program. She/he will more specifically analyze by direct numerical simulation the detailed dynamics and distribution of the particles in the flow.


Aurore Naso

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[1] K. Gustavsson, J. Jucha, A. Naso, E. Lévêque, A. Pumir and B. Mehlig (2017). Statistical Model for the Orientation of Nonspherical Particles Settling in Turbulence. Phys. Rev. Lett., 119:254501.

[2] K. Gustavsson, J. Jucha, A. Naso, E. Lévêque, A. Pumir and B. Mehlig (2019). Effect of fluid inertia on the orientation of a small prolate spheroid settling in turbulence. New J. Phys., 21:083008.

[3] M. Z. Sheikh, K. Gustavsson, D. Lopez, E. Lévêque, B. Mehlig, A. Pumir and A. Naso (2020). Importance of fluid inertia for the orientation of spheroids settling in turbulent flow. J. Fluid Mech., 886:A9.

[4] J. Jucha, A. Naso, E. Lévêque and A. Pumir (2018). Settling and collision between small ice crystals in turbulent flows. Phys. Rev. Fluids, 3:014604.

[5] A. Naso, J. Jucha, E. Lévêque and A. Pumir (2018). Collision rate of ice crystals with water droplets in turbulent flows. J. Fluid Mech., 845:615-641.