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Poster 2A 2020

Harikrishnan Charuvil Asokan

Stratified Turbulence in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere

Harikrishnan Charuvil Asokan

The Mesosphere and lower thermosphere [MLT] is an extremely dynamic region of the atmosphere where gravity waves break and turbulent structures create.
• It is located at an altitude between 60km and 120km, it is stratified and is colder in summer and warmer in winter.
• Weather balloons and aircraft cannot fly as high enough to reach MLT with in-situ instruments. Satellites orbit above the MLT and cannot make direct measurements.
• Instruments on sounding rockets can be used to investigate this region of the upper atmosphere ; however, they are brief, infrequent, and expensive.
• So, ground-based instruments like Radar, Lidar, passive optical imagers are among the best options to study MLT.

Poster de Harikrishnan Charuvil Asokan