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Jan Friedrich - Laboratoire de Physique - ENS Lyon

Statistical description of inertial particles in turbulent flows

Vendredi 21 février 2020, 11h, salle Archipel, bât. H10, ECL

 Statistical description of inertial particles in turbulent flows

A central, yet not fully understood feature of particle-laden flows is the segregation of inertial particles into clusters. This phenomenon, generally known as preferential concentration, is sometimes explained by particles evading regions of dominant vortical structures. However, a comprehensive understanding of this mechanism is complicated by the random and multiscale structure of the turbulent velocity field. I will present a statistical description of inertial particles by kinetic equations for particle probability density functions that tries to incorporate the multiscale properties of the fluid velocity field. Furthermore, I will discuss recent advances in the development of synthetically generated turbulent velocity fields and their relevance for the modeling of inertial particle motion.


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