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Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides et d’Acoustique

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Academic partners

Academic partners

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The team T&I has developed many collaborations with other teams, at the laboratory scale, in France or at an international level.

The team is strongly involved in the french research group turbulence, leaded by Fabien Godeferd until 2019.
At the international level, it belongs to the "particle-based-cloud-modelling"european network.

The figures below result from statistics on the publications of the team over the time span 2014-2018 (5 years):

  • 11% of our articles have a co-author from another team of LMFA: among those, more than one half (55%) with FCT, 30% with turbomachinary team, and 15% with the acoustic team
  • 42% of our production involve other French laboratories, among which 1/4 with 2 laboratories from Lyon (lab. $\varphi$ at ENS de Lyon and Institut Lumière-Matière —iLM—).
  • finally, 50% are co-signed with foreign laboratories, among which more than 1/4 with USA or UK: