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Andrea Maffioli

Andrea Maffioli

Maître de Conférences (Assistant Professor)
École Centrale de Lyon

Research Team : Fluides complexes et transferts

andrea.maffioli "AT"

I work on stably stratified turbulence using analytical methods and Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS). Most of my research consists of fundamental studies of turbulence in stratified fluids, with applications to mixing, the energy distribution and energy transfers in the ocean pycnocline.

DNS vert slice

Enstrophy $(1/2)|\omega|^2$ (log-scale) on a vertical slice through a DNS of stratified turbulence with forcing. Sub-portion of slice through a cubic domain of $2048^3$ points. Kelvin-Helmoltz-type instabilities can be clearly seen, e.g. in the bottom-left corner of the image, as well as regions of intense enstrophy and small-scale turbulence. The colormap used is one of the colormaps of the cmocean package, available freely for MATLAB or Python.

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