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Article in J. Plasma Phys. (2015)

Flow dynamics and magnetic induction in the von-Kármán plasma experiment

N. Plihon, G. Bousselin, F. Palermo, J. Morales, W. J. T. Bos, F. Godeferd, M. Bourgoin, J.-F. Pinton, M. Moulin & A. Aanesland

Flow dynamics and magnetic induction in the von-Kármán plasma experiment

The von-Kármán plasma experiment is a novel versatile experimental device designed to explore the dynamics of basic magnetic induction processes and the dynamics of flows driven in weakly magnetized plasmas. A high-density plasma column ($10^{16}–10^{19}$ particles. m$^{−3}$) is created by two radio-frequency plasma sources located at each end of a 1 m long linear device. Flows are driven through $\mathbf{J} × \mathbf{B}$ azimuthal torques created from independently controlled emissive cathodes. The device has been designed such that magnetic induction processes and turbulent plasma dynamics can be studied from a variety of time-averaged axisymmetric flows in a cylinder. MHD simulations implementing volume-penalization support the experimental development to design the most efficient flow-driving schemes and understand the flow dynamics. Preliminary experimental results show that a rotating motion of up to nearly 1 km/s is controlled by the $\mathbf{J} × \mathbf{B}$ azimuthal torque.

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