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Turbomachinery Team

Dean of the Turbomachinery Dpt : Xavier Ottavy

The Turbomachinery Team is one of the 4 research groups in LMFA (UMR CNRS 5509). The specificity of this group is based, in an academic context, on research activities most of the time directly linked to the needs of the industrial world. The problematic starts with the industrial turbomachinery and finally points toward many physical phenomena which are analyzed by the Turbomachinery Team, one by one in their elementary form, or taking into account the interactions between each other.

What makes the LMFA Turbomachinery Team to be noteworthy in the French research community is its strong experimental component with, not only high-power high-speed test rigs (1MW, 2 MW and 3MW) for high-speed compressors and composite fans, but also low-speed cascades for more academic studies. The CFD component is also recognized because of its expertise in the achievement of URANS, LES and SPH numerical simulations with industrial and local solvers with the use of its own modeling applied to Turbomachinery field. Experimental and numerical activities are carrying out with strong interactions between each other.

To be seen: Turbomachinery platform


Voici la liste des thèses en cours dans l’équipe Turbomachines
Study of corner separation in a linear compressor cascade Analysis and modelisation of non-synchronous (...)

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You said Turbomachines?

1. Définition d’une turbomachine
Une turbomachine est une machine tournante permettant d’échanger de l’énergie avec un fluide circulant à flux continu. Le fluide concerné peut être un gaz (de l’air par (...)

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