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Fabien Godeferd

       Senior researcher at CNRS

Head of the research group Turbulence and Instabilities in the period 2006-2015
Head of Centre Henri Bénard, Pilot Center of ERCOFTAC
Coordinator of PMCS2I, the simulation center of École centrale de Lyon
head of the national research group GDR 2865 "Phenomenology of turbulence"

Short vitae on the web site of École centrale de Lyon

Phone: 04 72 18 61 55 / @: fabien DOT godeferd AT ec-lyon DOT fr

Research topics

  • Phenomenology of anisotropic turbulence, structure and dynamics
  • Turbulence and waves: inertial waves, internal gravity waves
  • Magneto-hydrodynamical couplings
  • Hydrodynamic instabilities


  • Direct numerical simulations
  • Linearized theory
  • Spectral, physical, modal analysis
  • Quasi-normal closure models


  • Geophysical flows, atmosphere and ocean
  • Astrophysics, accretion disks
  • Industrial machinery and processes, gyration and variable density effects

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Rotating turbulence

Baroclinic instability

Turbulent mixing layer

Resonant surface of inertial waves

Turbulence generated by inertial waves

Von Karman flow