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Abdessamed Medelfef

Bifurcations d’écoulements de convection naturelle dans une cavité chauffée latéralement

Mardi 20 mars 2018, 13h. Uinversité Lyon 1, Bât Omega, salle René Michel

Bifurcations d'écoulements de convection naturelle dans une cavité chauffée latéralement

Side heated buoyant convection has been for a long time a classical problem of fluid mechanics. Such a physical situation is ubiquitous both in nature and industry. Our interest in this problem is motivated by crystal growth processes where oscillatory convection rises often in the liquid bulk subjected to a horizontal gradient of temperature and highly impacts the quality of the final product.
This study concerns the bifurcation scenarios toward quasi-periodicity in a side heated enclosure filled with a low-Prandtl number fluid (0 ≤ Pr ≤ 0.025). The adopted geometry is a parallelepipedic enclosure with aspect ratios in the longitudinal (Ay = L/h) and transverse (Ax = w/h) directions equal to 4 and 2, respectively. The governing parameter is the Grashof number Gr connected with the applied temperature difference (Th − Tc).
In the range of Grashof numbers studied, different types of solutions, along with their domain of existence, will be highlighted and classified for four values of Pr : 0, 0.005, 0.015 and 0.025. The transitions between these solutions occur at different kinds of bifurcations (pitchfork, Hopf, Naimark-Sacker) which will evolve with the change of Pr.


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