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Wouter Bos

A statistical description of coherent and incoherent turbulent motion

Mardi 30 janvier 2018, 13h, ECL Bât I11 salle de réunion 1er étage

A statistical description of coherent and incoherent turbulent motion

Turbulence is a fascinating mixture of randomness and coherence. On the one hand, the randomness of the phenomenon naturally motivates the use of a statistical characterization of the turbulent flow properties and the search for theories that can describe and predict these statistics. The coherence, on the other hand, makes it tempting to look at the intriguing beauty of instantaneous vorticity fields and to identify generic mechanisms that describe the dynamics of coherent flow structures. Both approaches are complementary, but in general it is hard to transpose concepts of one approach to the other. For this to be successful, statistical theories should be able to describe the statistical imprint of coherence and generic mechanisms of the dynamics of coherent structures should be characterized statistically. We present a theory that attempts to unify these ideas.


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