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Article dans Phys. Rev. Fluids (2017)

From flying wheel to square flow : Dynamics of a flow driven by acoustic forcing

Tristan Cambonie, Brahim Moudjed, Valéry Botton, Daniel Henry, and Hamda Ben Hadid

From flying wheel to square flow : Dynamics of a flow driven by acoustic forcing

Acoustic streaming designates the ability to drive quasisteady flows by acoustic propagation in dissipative fluids and results from an acoustohydrodynamics coupling. It is a noninvasive way of putting a fluid into motion using the volumetric acoustic force and can be used for different applications such as mixing purposes. We present an experimental investigation of a kind of square flow driven by acoustic streaming, with the use of beam reflections, in a water tank. Time-resolved experiments using particle image velocimetry have been performed to investigate the velocity field in the reference plane of the experiments for six powers : 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 W. The evolution of the flow regime from almost steady to strongly unsteady states is characterized using different tools : the plot of time-averaged and instantaneous velocity fields, the calculation of presence density maps for vortex positions and for the maximal velocity and vorticity crest lines, and the use of spatiotemporal maps of the waving observed on the jets created by acoustic streaming. A transition is observed between two regimes at moderate and high acoustic forcing.

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