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Lipeng LU, Beihang University

Large-Scale Streamwise Vortices in Turbulent Channel Flow Induced by Active Wall Actuations

Mardi 21 Nov 2017, 13h ECL, bât W1 Amphi 203

Large-Scale Streamwise Vortices in Turbulent Channel Flow Induced by Active Wall Actuations

Direct numerical simulations of turbulent flow in a plane channel using spanwise alternatively distributed strips (SADS) are performed to investigate the characteristics of large-scale streamwise vortices (LSSVs) induced by small-scale active wall actuations, and their role in suppressing flow separation.

SADS control is obtained by alternatively applying out-of-phase control (OPC) and in-phase control (IPC) to the wall normal velocity component of the lower channel wall, in the spanwise direction. Besides the non-controlled channel flow simulated as a reference, four controlled cases with 1, 2, 3 and 4 pairs of OPC/IPC strips are studied at M = 0.2 and Re = 6,000, based on the bulk velocity and the channel half height. The case with 2 pairs of strips, whose width is Δz + =264 based on the friction velocity of the non-controlled case, is the most effective in terms of generating large-scale motions. It is also found that the OPC (resp. IPC) strips suppress (resp. enhance) the coherent structures and that leads to the creation of a vertical shear layer, which is responsible for the LSSVs presence. They are in a statistically steady state and their cores are located between two neighbouring OPC and IPC strips. These motions contribute significantly to the momentum transport in the wall normal and spanwise directions showing potential for flow separation suppression.



  • Mardi 21 novembre 2017 13:00-14:00 -

    Séminaire : Lipeng Lu

    Lieu : Amphi 203

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