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Wiebke BODEN

Mercredi 20 septembre 2017 – 10h30 - ECL - Amphi 203 – En anglais

Wiebke BODEN

Prediction of erosion damages in hydraulic machines for hydro-abrasive erosion

Jury :
Prof. Peter Eberhard – Universität Stuttgart (Rapporteur)
Prof. Stefano Sibilla – Università di Pavia (Rapporteur)
Prof. Salvetti – Università di Pisa (Examinatrice)
Dr. Vogiatzaki – University of Brighton (Examinatrice)
Prof. Perkins – ECL (Directeur de thèse)
Prof. Aubert – ECL (Co-directeur de thèse)
Dr. Marongiu – Andritz Hydro (Encadrant)

Hydraulic energy represents one important contribution to the growing source of renew- able energies where the kinetic energy of water is transformed into electric energy. The water flowing through the hydraulic turbines always contains a solid part, for example sand and clay. Those sediments can reach high concentrations, harming importantly the turbine structure by a mechanism called hydro-abrasive erosion. Turbine types implying very high flow velocities, like Pelton turbines, are in particular sensitive to hydro-abrasive erosion. Numerical simulations present an efficient way to study the topic of hydro-abrasive erosion in Pelton turbines as they allow the variation of numer- ous parameters. Thus an immediate response to operational, design or optimization questions can be obtained. However it has been shown that the application of general, widely used erosion models do not deliver physical correct results due to the particular material and flow properties of Pelton turbines. Consequently this work investigates the potential of erosion modeling based on first principals. That means the sediment movement in the fluid is simulated, their state at impact tracked and then the overall macroscopic material damage calculated based on microscale structural simulations.

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