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Gwénaël Gabard - LAUM, Le Mans France

Time-domain representation of acoustic impedance surfaces with flow

Vendredi 15 septembre, 11h, ECL, H10, salle B11

Time-domain representation of acoustic impedance surfaces with flow

Séminaire labelisé MEGA
The acoustic impedance of a surface is a concept that is primarily formulated in the frequency domain. However an increasing number of acoustic numerical simulations are performed in the time domain. It is then necessary to construct a numerical representation of this impedance in the time domain. A first part in this talk will present a number of best practice to construct an accurate and stable numerical implementation of time-domain impedance conditions. A second part will focus on situations when a mean flow is present and a boundary layer is developing above the impedance surface. Special boundary conditions have been developed for this purpose but their implementation in the time domain requires particular care.


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