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EUROMECH - ERCOFTAC - Colloquium 589

Turbulent Cascade II

5-7 décembre 2017, Ecole Centrale de Lyon - Ecully - France

Turbulent Cascade II

Most environmental and industrial flows are turbulent. The efficient modeling of such flows depends on the understanding of the turbulent cascade, i.e., the transfer of kinetic energy between different length scales. This colloquium focuses on the universal features of the turbulent cascade in a wide range of flows, and in the presence of different types of external forces.


  • Submission of abstract (1 page) : 15th September, 2017
  • Notification of acceptance of papers : 2nd October, 2017
  • Early registration (165 euros) : 3rd November, 2017
  • Late registration (200 euros) : 25th November, 2017


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