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Bo Li

Mercredi 7 décembre 2016 - 14h - ECL - Amphi 202

Bo Li

Aerodynamic and acoustic analysis of the tip-leakage flow on a single airfoil

Jury :

  • Pr. Gérard BOIS / LML, Arts et Métiers ParisTech / Rapporteur
  • Pr. Nicolas BINDER / ISAE-SupAéro / Rapporteur
  • Pr. Régiane FORTES-PATELLA / LEGI, Grenoble INP / Examinateur
  • Pr. Lipeng LU / Université Beihang / Examinateur
  • Dr. Laurence VION / Safran Aircraft Engines / Examinateur
  • Dr. Jérôme BOUDET / LMFA, École centrale de Lyon / Co-directeur de these
  • Pr. Marc C. JACOB / ISAE-SupAéro / Directeur de these

Abstract :
This work focuses on the study of the tip-leakage flow in a single-airfoil configuration, from both the aerodynamic and acoustic points of views. The tip-leakage flow is a very important flow feature in the turbomachines. It is extremely complex for its three-dimensional unsteady nature, and its existence leads to many unfavourable effects, such as aerodynamic performance losses and noise emissions. In order to improve the understanding of the tip-leakage flow and its associated broadband noise, a research campaign in the frame of the Sino-French project AXIOOM has been carried out at LMFA. In the current study, experimental and numerical results are analysed systematically and thoroughly. A multi-vortex system with an intense tip-leakage vortex is observed. The various analyses of the flow characteristics show a good agreement between the experiment and the ZLES in the blade tip region. A specific attention is paid on the oscillatory motion of the tip-leakage vortex, and the wandering amplitude is evaluated using the time-resolved PIV measurements. The dynamic response of the tip-leakage vortex is also studied with URANS at selected frequencies. Finally, efforts are put on the broadband noise modelling and prediction based on the experimental and numerical near-field data.


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