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Pietro Salizzoni

Mercredi 16 Novembre 2016 - 14h - Amphi 3 - ECL

Pietro Salizzoni

Dispersion and mixing of passive and buoyant pollutant releases in environmental flows

The impact of pollutants on human health and the environment is related to the concentrations in air of harmful substances (and to the exposure time to these concentrations), which are in turn determined by the chaotic processes governing the transport of pollutant in the ambient air. Determining impacts due to air pollution in a given area therefore requires modelling tools to predict the space and time variation of pollutant distribution (for given emissions scenarios). In almost all cases of practical interest, the flow which transports and disperses pollutants is highly turbulent, usually with characteristics determined by complex and highly specific boundary conditions. So, in order to model such flows for operational purposes (that is, without requiring exceptional computing resources or highly detailed data) we need to understand how, and to what extent, these are driven by initial boundary conditions and how these flows transport and disperse pollutants. My research is devoted to improving our understanding of some of the fundamental processes governing turbulent dispersion and in incorporating that understanding into operational models.

Jury :

  • Paul Linden (Cambridge)
  • Guido Boffetta (Turin)
  • Fabien Anselmet (Marseille)
  • Benjamin Devenish (Met office)
  • Richard Perkins (ECL)
  • Michel Lance (Lyon 1)


  • Mercredi 16 novembre 2016 14:00-16:00 -

    HDR Pietro Salizzoni

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