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The research team focuses on modeling of flow and dispersion of pollutants in the atmospheric boundary layer and confined.

Team activities :

  • Flow and dispersion in complex geometries
  • Unsteadiness and concentration fluctuations
  • Heat and density flow

Flow and dispersion in complex geometries

Urban canopy

Concentration measurements in a street-canyon.
(c) LMFA - Equipe AIR
  • Flow and dispersion in a street canyon
    • Effect of the geometry of buildings (asymmetry, wall roughness,...)
    • Thermal effects of surface temperature differences
  • Dispersion in a neighborhood
    • Influence the orientation of the neighborhood
    • Influence of the geometry of streets

CFD modeling of flow in complex terrain

Pollutant dispersion over an industrial area.
(c) LMFA - Equipe AIR

For 15 years the AIR - Atmosphere, Impact & Risk team has developed a strong expertise in the use and parameterization of models Eulerian CFD RANS type for the study of flow and pollutant dispersion in complex terrain (terrain, obstacles) :

  • Parameterization of different states of stability.
  • Adaptation of turbulence models (k-epsilon ou Rij-epsilon).
  • Coupling of the CFD approach with a lagrangian model (SLAM).
  • Methodology development Flow’Air 3D to facilitate the operational implementation of the CFD simulation.

Unsteadiness and concentration fluctuations

Good knowledge of unsteady phenomenons and concentration fluctuations provides materials to study accidental or deliberate releases of hazardous substances or to forecast unpleasant odours.

Unsteady plume in wind tunnel.

Study of unsteady releases in urban area

  • Studies in wind tunnel.
  • Software development dispersion SIRANERISK.

Study and modeling of concentration fluctuations

  • Studies in wind tunnel (probability distribution of fluctuations of concentration in a plume).
  • Development of micro-mixing model in the lagrangian dispersion software : SLAM.

Heat and density flow

Tunnel fire experiment.

  • Application to atmospheric flows in stable and unstable conditions.
  • Application to the dispersion of smoke in fires in confined spaces.