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LMFA - UMR 5509
Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides et d’Acoustique

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• 1982 : BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering – INSA Lyon
• 1985 : PhD in Fluid Mechanics – INSA Lyon
• 2003 : Accreditation to supervise research– Ecole Centrale de Lyon

• 1980 - 1981: Research assistant, INSA Lyon; holographic imaging with white light
• 1985 - 2012: Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics Ecole Centrale de Lyon
• 2012 - : Professor in Fluid Mechanics, Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Turbomachinery Group, Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics, UMR CNRS 5509
• Aerodynamics of turbomachinery (three-dimensional flows and turbulent structures, supersonic flows, centrifugal compressors, interactions,…)
• Instabilities of compressors (sources and instability-inducing mechanisms, development of instabilities, control,…)
• Experimental methods applied to turbomachinery (LDA, high-frequency pressure measurements,…)
• Analysis Methods (extraction of physical mechanisms, analytical modelling,…)

• Fluid mechanics, Compressible flows, Supersonic flows
• Aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery, Transonic aerodynamics, Turbines for energy production, aeronautic propulsion

Administrative duties
• Head of the Turbomachinery Group, LMFA, ECL
• Responsible for research programs on centrifugal compressors at ECL in collaboration with Turbomeca for 20 years
• President of Jury at ECL 2013-2015
• Member of the Scientific Committee of ISAIF, president of the 8th conference (Lyon 2007)
• Director of CIRT (Consortium Industry Research in Turbomachinery managing academic and industrial research activities concerning turbomachinery)
• Member of the network SAFRAN – HAIDA ; member of the coordination division, ‘research -pilot’ of the working group on Aerodynamics of Turbomachinery (in close contact with an ‘industrial-pilot’)
Coordinator for actions regarding gender equality at ECL