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Haoran Liu, University of Science and Technology of China

On the maximal spreading of impacting compound drops

Vendredi 14 septembre 2018 11h, ECL, amphi 201

On the maximal spreading of impacting compound drops

We numerically study the impact of a compound drop on a hydrophobic substrate using a ternary fluid diffuse-interface method, aiming to understand how the presence of the inner droplet affects the spreading dynamics and maximal spreading of the compound drop. Two typical flow regimes have been identified for an impacting compound drop, namely jammed spreading and joint rim formation. The maximal spreading ratio of the compound drop is found to depend on the volume fraction of the inner droplet α, the surface tension ratio γ, and the Weber number. Moreover, we propose a universal rescaling of maximal spreading ratio for compound drops, by integrating the one for pure drops with a corrected Weber number that takes α and γ into account. The predictions of the universal rescaling are in good agreement with the numerical results for impacting compound drops.

Contact : P. Spelt.


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