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Dissipation and Mixing in Stratified Turbulence

Experimental Study

The Meridional Overturning Circulation (MOC) is at the centre of numerous climate related studies.
In order to understand it, a great attention has to be paid to
energy transferred into mixing. As highlighted by Munk and Wunsch, this energy is necessary to maintain the oceanic abyssal stratification .
As for global oceanic models, an important aspect of mixing parametrization concerns the value of mixing efficiency .

In order to study turbulent mixing, I am using three different experimental set-up :

  • The first one is a lock-exchange set-up where two reservoirs filled with salt water of different density are connected by a gate. While opening the gate, density currents are generated with shear stress turbulence.
  • The second one is about grid turbulence : turbulence is generated by a moving grid in a stratified fluid (salt water).
  • The third one is an hydraulic channel. A grid is generating the turbulence at the entrance of the channel. On each rod of the grid, injectors enable to add fluid in the main flow, and thus enable to stratified this flow. Stratification and turbulence are advected by the main flow. Overview of my PhD