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Séminaire : Stephen Shaw - Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Violent bubble dynamics in cavitation: experiments and numerics

Vendredi 24 juin 2016 - 11h - amphi 201 - ECL

Violent bubble dynamics in cavitation: experiments and numerics

In this talk two important approaches in the understanding of the destructive and often violent behaviour of cavitation bubbles are considered. We begin with an experimental examination of the interaction of a single laser generated bubble with a solid surface by making simultaneous observations of the collapse processes of the bubble and the stresses experienced by the solid surface. This is achieved by using a combination of Schlieren photography and a thin film pressure transducer placed on the solid surface. Jet phenomenon, multiple shock wave emissions and `splash’ effects are all identified. Complimentary to this, a two phase compressible Euler numerical solver is presented which uses finite difference methods in both the spatial and temporal dimensions whilst the interface between the two phases is captured using a level set function. The ghost fluid method, together with the isobaric fix technique, is employed to impose accurate, thermodynamically correct, boundary conditions at the interface which also suppresses non-physical oscillations in the solution variables. A sample of results illustrating bubble/shock interactions in a number of different geometry configurations will be given and an overview of the intended future developments of the compressible solver to aid understanding of the cavitation process will be given.



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