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Coupled convective phenomena Team

Study of crystal growth situations

Study of crystal growth situations

Daniel Henry, Hamda Ben Hadid, S. Kaddeche, J. Walker, C.J. Jing, D.J. Ma

We studied more realistic crystal growth configurations taking into account a moving solid-liquid interface in the case of the Bridgman configuration. We particularly analyzed the convective flows in the liquid phase and the dopant concentration in the melt and in the crystal (macrosegregation phenomena) (thesis of S. Kaddeche). We later took into account periodic growth conditions and then considered pure solutal convection (thesis of F.Z. Haddad). These numerical studies were performed in collaboration with the Centre d’Etudes Nucléaires de Grenoble. They provided interesting results for the crystal growth community which were published in the Journal of Crystal Growth [A25, A27, A30, A46, A53, A54].

Within the frame of international collaborations, we also considered other crystal growth configurations for which we particularly analyzed the flow transitions. Results have been obtained by stability analysis for the encapsulated Czochralski configuration in presence of magnetic field [A57] (collaboration with J. Walker, USA), by direct numerical simulation and POD analysis for the non-encapsulated Czochralski configuration where the flows are generated by the coupled effects of buoyancy and surface tension [A78] (collaboration with C.J. Jing, China), and by numerical simulation with continuation method for a zone-melting configuration where the vertical cylindrical cavity containing the melt is laterally heated in a zone at midheight [A69] (post-doctoral position of D.J. Ma, China).

Striations in the crystal due to a fluctuating interface velocity during horizontal Bridgman crystal growth [A46].