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Lam H, Delache A, Godeferd FS. Energy balance and mixing between waves and eddies in stably stratified turbulence. J. Fluid Mech.. 2021;923:A31.


Jansen J, Escriva X, Godeferd FS, Feugier P. A phenomenological and multiscale modeling of arterial growth and remodeling under endofibrosis. Comput. Methods Biomech. Biomed. Eng.. 2020;23:S145–S147.
Lam H, Delache A, Godeferd FS. Partitioning waves and eddies in stably stratified turbulence. Atmosphere. 2020;11:420.
Maffioli A, Delache A, Godeferd FS. Signature and energetics of internal gravity waves in stratified turbulence. Phys. Rev. Fluids. 2020;5:114802.


Baklouti FS, Khlifi A, Salhi A, Godeferd FS, Cambon C, Lehner T. Kinetic-magnetic energy exchanges in rotating magnetohydrodynamic turbulence. J. Turbul.. 2019;20:263–284.

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