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Séminaire : John Craske - Fluid Mechanics Section, Dept of Civil & Environmental Eng, Imperial College London

From classical steady to generalised unsteady plume theory

Vendredi 17 juin 2016 - 11h - amphi 201 - ECL

From classical steady to generalised unsteady plume theory

Résumé :
Turbulent plumes are free-shear flows driven by steady (time independent) or unsteady (time dependent) sources of momentum and buoyancy. Relatively simple integral models of plumes are useful in practical applications such as pollution modelling, fire modelling and the natural ventilation of buildings. The models are obtained by integrating the partial differential equations of motion (the Navier-Stokes equations) and invoking various assumptions. In this talk we will relax these assumptions and discuss plume theory from a more general perspective. Making use of comparisons with an ensemble of direct numerical simulations of unsteady jets and plumes, we will derive generalised unsteady plume equations and demonstrate that they have mathematical properties and physical implications that have previously been overlooked. The talk will provide an overview of classical steady plume theory before considering planar and axisymmetric unsteady


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