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Catherine Le Ribault

chargée de recherche CNRS

Catherine Le Ribault

Groupe fluides complexes et transfert
tel : 04 72 18 62 04
36, avenue Guy de Collongue
69134 Ecully Cedex

Publications récentes


Huang G, Le Ribault C, Vinkovic I, Simoëns S. Large-eddy simulation of erosion and deposition over multiple two-dimensional Gaussian hills in a turbulent boundary layer. Boundary Layer Meteorol.. 2019:193–222.


Huang G, Le Ribault C, Vinkovic I, Simoëns S. Part I: a priori study of erosion and deposition with large eddy simulation of turbulent flow over multiple 2D sandy Gaussian hills. Environ. Fluid Mech.. 2018:1–29.


Huang G, Simoëns S, Vinkovic I, Le Ribault C, Dupont S, Bergametti G. Law-of-the-wall in a boundary-layer over regularly distributed roughness elements. J. Turbul.. 2016;17:518–541.
Ni W, Lu L, Le Ribault C, Fang J. Direct numerical simulation of supersonic turbulent boundary layer with spanwise wall oscillation. Energies. 2016;9:9030154.


Simoëns S, Saleh I, Le Ribault C, et al. Influence of Gaussian hill on concentration of solid particles in suspension inside Turbulent Boundary Layer. Procedia IUTAM. 2015;17:110–118.

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