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Aurore Naso

Groupe de Recherche : Turbulence & Instabilités

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Publications récentes


Jucha J, Naso A, Lévêque E, Pumir A. Settling and collision between small ice crystals in turbulent flows. Phys. Rev. Fluids. 2018;3:014604.
Loisy A, Naso A, Spelt PDM. The effective diffusivity of ordered and freely evolving bubbly suspensions. J. Fluid Mech.. 2018;840:215–237.
Qu B, Naso A, Bos WJT. Cascades of energy and helicity in axisymmetric turbulence. Phys. Rev. Fluids. 2018;3:014607.
Vallefuoco D, Naso A, Godeferd FS. Small-scale anisotropy induced by spectral forcing and by rotation in non-helical and helical turbulence. J. Turbul.. 2018;19(2):107–140.


Gustavsson K, Jucha J, Naso A, Lévêque E, Pumir A, Mehlig B. Statistical model for the orientation of nonspherical particles settling in turbulence. Phys. Rev. Lett.. 2017;119:254501.

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