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Stage de master - 4 à 6 mois - expérimental

Stage de master - 4 à 6 mois - expérimental

Ribbing instability in Landau-Levich drag-out problem

Context & Motivation :

When we imagine a car, or a bicycle, rolling over a water puddle, we picture a spectacular lateral splash. While this common life phenomenon is interesting on its own, the liquid flux entrained along the rotating wheel rim as sheets and films (figure 1) is not only a crucial related issue but also a fundamental problem involving complex, multi-scale, multi-phase flow physics in film coating processes, tribology (journal bearings) and even, in microfluidic systems. This is the so-called inertial Landau-Levich drag-out problem [1]. More recently, we demonstrated that many time-averaged flow characteristics, such as film- thickness and sheet height, are still tractable using the same classical lubrication approximation, despite the complex, non-linear aspect of the problem [2]. In this context, new experiments strongly suggest that the origin of liquid sheets is via a novel type of ribbing/printer’s instability [3], whereby multiple sheets form at the rising side of a long rotating cylinder...

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