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Stage de master - printemps 2022 - numérique

Stage de master - printemps 2022 - numérique

Influence of surfactants on the dynamics of a bubble in rotating flows

Scientific context

Flows involving the fragmentation of bubbles or droplets immersed in a surrounding liquid play an important role in a large number of industrial and environmental settings. Promoting breakup may be important for efficiency, such as in combustion, cooling, or for controlling sprays in coating agent/pesticide delivery. Conversely, one may want to suppress the breakup mechanism, for example, when generating liquid foams to be used in firefighting, cosmetics, or as precursors for making lightweight insulating materials in the construction industry. The deformation and conditions for breakup of these bubbles or droplets is determined by mechanical properties of interfaces that separate them from the surrounding liquid. Moreover, these interfaces almost always contain a layer of surfactants (e.g. soap), which generally lower the local surface tension...

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