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École Centrale de Lyon

Postdoctoral position at LMFA (2021)

24 months

Postdoctoral position at LMFA (2021)

Large-scale modelling of liquid sheet atomization using Convolutional Neural Network.

In the aeronautical combustion chambers, fuel is injected and pulverized in a set of mechanisms known as atomization. This phenomenon involves the break-up of the liquid jet, sometimes in the form of a thin sheet, into a multitude of smaller structures, up to the formation of a spray. The numerical simulation of atomization usually severely challenges even the state-of-the-art numerical methods, mainly in reason of its intrinsic multi-scale aspect (Figure 1).

Liquid sheet atomization. Breakup into ligaments and droplets.
Liquid sheet atomization. Breakup into ligaments and droplets.

This project aims at pursuing the development of a multi-scale numerical methodology able to efficiently simulate both the liquid injection and the spray in the same unsteady simulation [1]. This is achieved by dynamically coupling two models on the same simulation: a separated two-phase flow solver (dedicated to the description of the large scales of the sheet and its stretching into ligaments) and a dispersed two-phase flow solver (dedicated to the Lagrangian description of the droplets forming a spray and resulting from ligaments breakup). This coupling allows an optimal resolution of the atomization process at large scales (LES) ...

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