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Proposition de thèse au LMFA

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Proposition de thèse au LMFA

Numerical computations of Green’s functions using an adjoint based method for acoustic propagation through complex flows

Transportation noise is a major nuisance for populations located in the vicinity of large infrastructures and particularly airports. For the air transportation domain, the traffic is expected to grow byabout 4.6% per year between 2012 and 2032. In order to limit noise exposure around airports, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) defines restrictive regulations that plane and enginemanufacturers have to satisfy. Aeroacoustic noise sources are related to the generation of turbulent flows (for example, landing gear wakes or high velocity exhaust of combustion gases) and to the interaction of turbulence with solid surfaces (such as the fan blades and the outlet guide vanes in the turbofan). In order to locate and characterise these sources, experimental methods making use of microphones antennas have been developed. They consist in detecting an acoustical event, then go back in time to extract a signature within the aerodynamic field that could be the origin of the sound emission and identify the associated physical mechanism. These methods can also be used on numerical simulation results, with the advantage of having access to aerodynamic quantities that are difficult to measure experimentally.

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Christophe Bailly
Vincent Clair