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Article in Phys. Rev. Fluids (2020)

Transition from non-swirling to swirling axisymmetric turbulence

Zecong Qin, Hugues Faller, Bérengère Dubrulle, Aurore Naso & Wouter Bos

Transition from non-swirling to swirling axisymmetric turbulence

Strictly axisymmetric turbulence, i.e., turbulence governed by the Navier-Stokes equations modified such that the flow is invariant in the azimuthal direction, is a system intermediate between two- and three-dimensional turbulence. We investigate statistically steady states of this system by direct numerical simulation using a forcing protocol, which allows the injected energy in the toroidal and in the poloidal directions to be tuned independently. A sharp transition between a two-dimensional two-component (2D2C, non-swirling) flow and a two-dimensional three-component (2D3C, swirling) flow is observed. We derive a statistical model which reproduces this transition.

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