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Particulates in turbulence

Particulates in turbulence

Marc Buffat , Delphine Doppler, Mikhael Gorokhovski , Michel Lance, Jean-Louis Marié, Richard Perkins, Peter Spelt , Ivana Vinkovic

Particulates in turbulence
Flows with particles, bubbles or droplets (particulates in general) in environmental flows and in industrial systems pose important practical problems. Turbulent dispersion of particulates in the atmosphere is crucial in pollution ; sediment transport changes the course of rivers through erosion and deposition of particles. In industrial systems, the prediction of flow regimes of gas/liquid flows is an important ingredient in the design and operation of oil/gas transport, heat transfer and chemical processing facilities. These practical needs for understanding and modelling turbulent dispersed two-phase flows is tied in with the fundamental problem of the statistics of the dynamics of particulates in turbulent flows and how to relate this to that of the turbulence. The Two-Phase Flow team at LMFA is involved in a range of projects in this area using a variety of methodologies. The development of the methodologies themselves (computational and experimental) is an important further strand of research in this area.