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Modeling of compressor operating during surge trigger

Theme 1 - Instationnarités et Instabilités Aérodynamiques
Period 01/02/2016-30/06/2020
Contact(s) NGO BOUM Ghislaine
PhD student ROJDA Ludovic
Partners Safran Aircraft Engines (DT - Modules - Méthodes Aérodynamiques)
ISAE-Supaéro (DAEP - Groupe TMP)

Compressor performance and operability are continuously improving to obtain a more efficient aeronautical engine. Indeed, during transient phases of aircraft’s flight path, the compressor is a critical element. Therefore, accurate prediction of the compressor operating range within its system environment is crucial. In order to provide a better and deep understanding of the influence of engine components on the compressor operation, a numerical modelling of an aeronautical compressor test bench is proposed.
By means of a 3D/1D coupling, the boundary conditions of the 3D CFD simulation of the compressor are updated by the dynamic behaviour of the test bench modelled in 1D . This fully coupled and integrated simulation allows for taking into account the unsteady effects of (i) the pressure waves propagation along the ducts and (ii) the volume capacity of each o f them. As a first step, performance of the multistage compressor throughout the characteristics is analysed in order to compare with the experimental results. In the second step, the operability of the compressor near surge is investigated.

Figure 1 : Schéma du couplage entre le compresseur 3D et le banc d’essai 1D

Figure 2 : Sondes de pression statique en amont des bords d’attaque des roues mobiles

Documents and associated publications

Rojda L., Ngo Boum G., Trébinjac I., Carbonneau X., "Flow field analysis of a multistage high pressure compressor during surge inception with a CFD zooming approach", ISAIF14, July19, Gdansk, Poland