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ERCOFTAC Workshop at École Centrale de Lyon

Multiscale and directional approach to single-phase and two-phase flows POSTPONED because of the Covid-19

Du lundi 4 au mercredi 6 mai 2020 en Amphi 1 (bâtiment W1, ECL)

The workshop will take place in Ecole Centrale de Lyon, for two days in the week May 4-6, 2020. The main organisers are Mikhael Gorokhovski (LMFA, Ecole Centrale de Lyon), Carlo Massimo Casciola (La Sapienza Universit`a, Rome) and Claude Cambon.

With respect to the previous workshops mainly organized by the SIG 35, we expect a better involvement of applied studies for complex flows. Especially we plan to explore to which extent the multiscale and directional aspect can be incorporated in an ambitious project of engineering modelling. This concerns some approaches as Scale-Resolving- Simulations, from PANS (Partially Averaged Navier- Stokes, e.g. Sharath Girimaji) to PITM (Partially Integrated Turbulence Models, e.g. Bruno Chaouat.) In complement with the multiscale topic, the directional aspect amounts to incorporate what was called dimensionality and componentiality by, e.g., Bill Reynolds and Stavros Kassinos.

Another motivation is to maintain close contacts with the other two SIG’s, related to the Henri B´enard PC. About SIG 50, applications to geophysics and astrophysics will be addressed, in connection with fluid mechanics, for environment and engineering as well, in line with the previous four ASTROFLU workshops. About SIG 39, aeroacoustics will be addressed in connection with modelling of weakly compressible turbulence ; as in the last ASTROFLU IV workshop (Re- port in the ERCOFTAC bulletin 119, June 2019), we will continue to exploit the analogies between radiation of acoustic waves and wave turbulence theory in other domains (acoustics in vibrating plates, gravitational waves in cosmology.)

Last but not least, an important topic will be turbulent cascades in multi-phase flows, as in the last colloquium ‘Turbulence cascades II’ (report in the ERCOFTAC bulletin 115, June 2018.) Flows in the presence of shear or unsteady forcing, or influenced by body-forces (Coriolis- and Lorentz-forces, buoyancy effects) and compressibility, or modulated through the finite size of solid particles, drops and bubbles, as well as through wavy structures of the gas/liquid interface and its surface tension, will all be considered.