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PhD defense ECL

Haining Luo

Lundi 30 septembre 2019, 14h, amphi 203, bât. W1, ECL

Haining Luo

Direct Numerical Simulation for a turbulent non-Newtonian flow in a T-junction

Le jury se compose de :

Guillaume Balarac, Grenoble INP, rapporteur
Christophe Corre, École Centrale de Lyon, examinateur
Alexandre Delache, Université Jean Monnet, encadrant
Gilmar Mompean, Polytech Lille, rapporteur
Cécile Lemaître, Université de Lorraine, examinatrice
Catherine Le Ribault, CNRS, examinatrice
Chérif Nouar, Université de Lorraine, examinateur
Serge Simoëns, CNRS, directeur de thèse

For the simplicity in geometry by comparing it with other mixers in the industry, flows in T-junction configuration have been studied. More specifically, Direct Numerical Simulations is carried out using OpenFOAM on a convergent T-junction configuration with circular and rectangular cross-section. Both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids (Bird-Carreau model) are taken into account.
Firstly, DNS data is compared to Nguyen’s experimental work on the circular T-junction at regime deflecting. Good agreement between simlation and experiment is achieved. The organization of coherent structures is illustrated in laminar and turbulent for both Newtonian and non-Newtonian cases.
Secondly, two flow regimes (deflecting and impinging) are simulated in a rectangular T-junction for the same Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. The existence of non-Newtonian coherent structures (e.g. kidney vortex ) is shown. These structures are regarded as essential mixing mechanism of passive scalar mixing. The mixing efficiency is increased in regime impinging compared to regime deflecting. The shifting of the turbulence peak is only observed in regime impinging.


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