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Louis Gostiaux

Mixing efficiency in stratified turbulence

Lundi 6 mai 2019, 13h15, Bât Jacquard 1er étage, salle de réunion, INSA.

Mixing efficiency in stratified turbulence

In 1850, the historical experiment of Joule on the "mechanical equivalent of heat" quantified the turbulent transfer of turbulent kinetic energy into heat in a closed water tank. So far, the stratified version of this experiment still challenges the scientific community. In an homogeneous fluid, viscous dissipation converts 100% of the mechanical energy into heat ; in a stratified fluid, part of the energy is converted into an irreversible increase of the background potential energy. This ratio is directly related to the so-called mixing efficiency, which is of particular importance in the oceanic context, since small-scale diapycnal mixing participates to the circulation of the abyssal ocean by means of irreversible density fluxes. In the STRATIMIX project, we have considered by means of laboratory experiments and Direct Numerical Simulations, the evolution of a closed domain, linearly stratified, where turbulent kinetic energy is initially injected. Theoretical, numerical and experimental results from the project will be presented.


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