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The Stereo-PIV or stereoscopic PIV is a variation of the classical PIV.

The drawback of the classical PIV (2D-2C) is that it only records the projection of the velocity vector in the laser sheet and so the velocity component perpendicular to the laser sheet is not measured. This unknown third component can affect the measure of the two components measured in the sheet, in particular in the case of strongly three-dimensional flows, and can create big mistakes.

In order to get rid off this issue or simply to access the three velocity components in the laser sheet (2D-3C measurements) and to be able to better understand the physics issues, a second camera aiming at the same spot is added. The particles movement will be seen from two different angles. The particles fields projected on each image plane will reveal slightly different travels, hence the possibility to rebuild the third velocity component.

A specific camera setup following the Scheimpflug criterion is necessary to have sharp particles on the whole visualized area.

Specific measurements tools:
- Two Scheimpflug mounts for camera
- Several 2 levels calibration targets