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The TR-PIV or time-resolved PIV is a variation of the classical PIV.

The recent progress in lasers and cameras fields permitted to develop fast or time-resolved PIV. The acquisition frequency of successive velocity fields can go up to several tens of kHz at full resolution of the camera. The equipment used in this case is mainly constituted of an Nd:YLF type laser and of a CMOS sensor fast camera.

GIF - 5.3 Mb
Vorticity and velocity field
Toric vortex generated by a speaker - Acquisition at 3 kHz

Measurements tools:
- A double cavity Nd:YLf laser, 18 mJ at 1 kHz, repetition frequency: 0.1-10 kHz
- A CMOS camera, 12 bits, 1280*800 pixels, full frame repetition frequency: 3 kHz
- A synchronization and acquisition system