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Scientific instrumentation

Scientific instrumentation

In order to ensure a better coordination of the experimental tools and, in particular, the measurements tools, the experimental platforms "Laser imaging" and "LDA-PDA" have been implemented in the LMFA. The people in charge of these platforms insure the planning of use of the equipments, the follow-up of the equipements and the technological watch of the instrumentation. They are also available to help and to advise users to set up and to start the equipments. They insure the continuity and the knowledge transfer related to the different measurements techniques. The following techniques, among others, are available in the laboratory’s platforms:

Nathalie Grosjean is in charge of the Laser Imaging platform and is a specialist of multiple techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Interferometric Laser Imaging for Droplet Sizing (ILIDS), digital holography and imagery.


Emmanuel Jondeau manages the Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV)article) & Phase Doppler Anemometry (PDA) platform. He also intervenes on the Unsteady Sensors platform and offers his expertise for Hot-wire anemometry (CTA, CCA and CVA) measurements. He contributes to the development of a measurements system based on density fluctuations for compressible flows or on temperature fluctuations for incompressible flows by Rayleigh Scattering. He also takes interest in the Visualization Techniques of the fluid flows.

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The Instrumentation Group approaches, collectively and at the laboratory scale, the questions related to the instrumentation of the experiments.