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Maarten van Reeuwijk, Imperial College, London

Urban fluid mechanics for sustainable and healthy cities

Mardi 12 mars 2019, 18h30, Amphi 201, ECL

Urban fluid mechanics for sustainable and healthy cities

Meeting the required reductions in greenhouse emissions will require substantial changes to the way we design and operate our cities. Indeed, given that about 3 billion people will either migrate to cities or be born in cities in the next 30 years, cities will be on the frontiers of mitigating climate change. Engineers will play a crucial role in tackling this challenge.
In this seminar I will discuss the role of urban flow on air quality, energy efficiency and resilience of cities. The challenges of predicting urban flows will be highlighted. I will show how relatively simple fluid mechanical models can be used to answer important practical questions about the efficiency of green infrastructure in mitigating the heat island effect. I will discuss how high performance computing can provide fundamental new insights into urban flows and will give examples using our in-house high-resolution large-eddy simulation code.




  • Tuesday 12 March 2019 18:30-20:00 -

    Séminaire : Maarten van Reeuwijk

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