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Doctorants inscrits en 2018

Journée d’accueil des nouveaux doctorants

Vendredi 1 février 2019, ECL

Journée d'accueil des nouveaux doctorants

We welcome the new graduate students that got enrolled in Ph.D. programme during 2018/2019.

On this occasion, two former graduate students will be giving a seminar at 11h during which they will present their experience in the industry and the academia

Ph.D student 1 : Robert Chahine (Rio Tinto)
Ph.D student 2 : Olivier Marsden (ECMWF)

Liste des nouveaux doctorants et post-doctorants 2018

CHARUVIL ASOKAN Harikrishnan doctorant ECL R. Marino, J.-L. Chau
FERACO Fabio doctorant ECL @ R. Marino & J.-P. Bertoglio
HAN Zhaofeng doctorant INSA LAMCOS/LMFA @ C. Mauger, T. Chaise et T. Elguedj
JACQUES Corentin doctorant UCBL @ B. Di Pierro & M. Buffat
JANSEN Jérôme doctorant ECL @ X. Escriva & F. Godeferd
JOLY Maxime doctorant KCA @ C. Bogey
LAM Henri doctorant ECL @ A. Delache & F. Godeferd
LAMIDEL David doctorant ECL @ M. Roger
LEBBAL Smail doctorant UCBL @ F. Alizard & B. Pier
MEJIA ESTRADA Jheyson Brayam doctorant ECL @ L. Soulhac
MORAVIA Anaïs doctorant INSA et ECL @ S. Simoens
OTALORA FLORES Marcia doctorant ECL @ L. Souhlac
POUJOL Nicolas doctorant ECL @ I. Trebinjac, P. Duquesne
REGNAULT Gabriel doctorant INSA @ P. Blanc-Benon, C. Mauger, C. Inserra
RODGAR Majid doctorant ECL @ J. P. Matas, P. Spelt
SLIMANI Mehdi doctorant ECL
VADROT Aurélien doctorant ECL @ A. Giauque & C. Corre
WALLISKY Nicolas doctorant ECL @ B. Pier, G. Ngo Boum
XU Keheng doctorant R. Perkins

- 09h00 : Reception, coffee (Salle de RDC I11)
- 09h15 : Lab. presentation (L. Soulhac)
- 09h30 : Health and safety regulations (M. Marro)
- 09h45 : IT services présentation (B. Barbier, L. Pouilloux)
- 10h00 : Relevant information about orders and missions (A. Taulet)
- 10h15 : Open Science (B. Pier)
- 10h30 : Presentation of ED MEGA (A. Le Bot)
- 10h45 : Some advice from student to student (A. Femat-Ortiz)
- 11h00 : Former graduate students seminar : Robert Chahine et Olivier Marsden
- 12h00 : Meal of new graduate students with the various speakers
- 13h45 : Visite of Newton cluster (L. Pouilloux)
- 14h15 : Research information presentation (Y. Dallot-Befio)
- 14h30 : Scientific intstrumentation presentation (N. Grosjean)
- 14h45 : Experiment visit 1 : canal with smoke (F. Chaabat)
- 15h15 : Experiment visit 2 : supersonic wind chanal (P. Souchotte)
- 15h45 : Experiment visit 3 : Phare (to be confirmed)
- 16h30-17h00 : End of the welcoming day
- 17h00-? : Icebreaker (organized by and for the students)

Organisation :
L. Gostiaux, chercheur CNRS
S. Cleve et A. Femat-Ortiz, doctorants élus au conseil consultatif.


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