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Article dans Comptes Rendus Mécanique (2018)

A new strategy for the numerical modeling of a weld pool

Yassine Saadlaoui, Éric Feulvarch, Alexandre Delache, Jean-Baptiste Leblond & Jean-Michel Bergheau

A new strategy for the numerical modeling of a weld pool

Welding processes involve high temperatures and metallurgical and mechanical consequences that must be controlled. For this purpose, numerical simulations have been developed to study the effects of the process on the final structure. During the welding process, the material undergoes thermal cycles that can generate different physical phenomena, like phase changes, microstructure changes and residual stresses and distortions. But the accurate simulation of transient temperature distributions in the part needs to carefully take account of the fluid flow in the weld pool. The aim of this paper is thus to propose a new approach for such a simulation taking account of surface tension effects (including both the “curvature effect” and the “Marangoni effect”), buoyancy forces and free surface motion.

The proposed approach is validated by two numerical tests from the literature : a sloshing test and a plate subjected to a static heat source. Then, the effects of the fluid flow on temperature distributions are discussed in a hybrid laser/arc welding example.

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