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Séminaire : Alexander Doinikov

Acoustic radiation forces : Effects of fluid viscosity

Vendredi 19 Octobre à 14h, Amphi Est, Bât Humanités, INSA de Lyon

 Acoustic radiation forces : Effects of fluid viscosity

When a body in a fluid is subjected to an acoustic wave field, the scattered wave from the body interacts with the incident wave, giving rise to the so-called acoustic radiation force. This force makes the body migrate in space, and in the case of two or more bodies, causes repulsion or attraction between them. An understanding of this motion is important to applications such as acoustomicrofluidics and medical ultrasonics.
The history of theoretical studies of acoustic radiation forces dates back to the works of King (1934) and Yosioka and Kawasima (1955). These works provided equations for the calculation of acoustic radiation forces on different objects such as a solid particle, a gas bubble, and a liquid droplet. However, the assumption of a nonviscous fluid accepted in the above works makes questionable their applicability to modern problems of microfluidics and ultrasound medicine, where micron-sized particles are used and there is a tendency to using even smaller particles. Therefore, the question arises as to if we can trust the nonviscous theory in the parametric range characteristic of modern applications and what changes in the behavior of acoustic radiation forces can be caused by viscous effects.
The aim of the present lecture is to tell about available viscous theories for acoustic radiation forces, to analyze their predictions by comparison with the results of the classic nonviscous theories, and to discuss available experimental data pertinent to viscous effects.



  • Vendredi 19 octobre 2018 14:00-15:00 -

    séminaire Alexander Doinikov - INSA

    Lieu : Amphi Est, bât Humanités, INSA de Lyon

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