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Rama Govindarajan - International Centre for Theoretical Sciences -Bangalore - India

Droplets, vortices and cloud microphysics

Vendredi 21 septembre 2018, 11h, ECL, Bat. W1, Salle 105

Droplets, vortices and cloud microphysics

In this talk I will discuss the dynamics of droplets in the vicinity of vortices. The dynamics is described by simple parameter-free equations which have a boundary layer structure. Droplets within a critical distance from the vortex centre can participate in caustics events, and seed rapid droplet growth by collisions and coalescence.
Our simulations provide evidence for this in three dimensions. I will then discuss how small droplets falling under gravity are affected by the Basset history force, a force which is normally extremely cumbersome to compute, but which we solve by an efficient method. Finally I will discuss how turbulence is affected by condensation on


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