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Article dans Phys. Rev. E (2015)

Dependence of turbulent advection on the Lagrangian correlation time

Wouter J. T. Bos & Le Fang

Dependence of turbulent advection on the Lagrangian correlation time

In turbulent scalar mixing, starting from random initial conditions, the root-mean-square advection term rapidly drops as the flow and the scalar field organize. We show first analytically, for the simplified case of a blob in shear flow with a finite correlation time, how the advection term is reduced compared to a randomly aligned scalar structure. This picture is then generalized to turbulent mixing. These examples show that the rapid depletion of advection depends on the lifetime of turbulent structures, compared to the local straining time scale. A turbulence closure is used to show that the Lagrangian correlation time indeed determines the deviation from Gaussian behavior. In particular it is shown that in the inertial range the depletion mechanism is self-similar, since a constant ratio is observed between the advection spectrum and its Gaussian equivalent. Finally, direct numerical simulation shows that in the limit of an infinite correlation time of the turbulent eddies, corresponding to a frozen velocity field, the mean-square advection tends to a zero fraction of its Gaussian estimate.

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