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Oscar Link - Universidad de Concepción

Similitude in Sediment Transport Processes

Vendredi 16 février 2018, 11h, INSA de Lyon, bât. Humanités, amphi ouest

Similitude in Sediment Transport Processes

Abstract: Three key sediment transport processes in river engineering, namely the incipient sediment motion, the bedload, and the scour at cylinders are considered for the analysis of similitude between a prototype in nature, i.e. a river, and the typically used laboratory flumes. The controlling scales are derived theoretically applying dimensional analysis, and ad-hoc experiments on incipient motion and on scour at bridge piers to test the obtained scales are presented. The results show that the physical scale modelling of the sediment transport processes is possible, and that temperature must be controlled for accurate modelling.



  • Friday 16 February 2018 11:00-12:00 -

    Séminaire : Oscar Link

    Lieu : INSA de Lyon, Bât. humanités, amphi ouest

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