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Article in Fluid Dyn. Res. (2018)

Nonlinear travelling waves in rotating Hagen-Poiseuille flow

Benoît Pier & Rama Govindarajan

Nonlinear travelling waves in rotating Hagen-Poiseuille flow

The dynamics of viscous flow through a rotating pipe is considered. Small-amplitude stability characteristics are obtained by linearizing the Navier—Stokes equations around the base flow and solving the resulting eigenvalue problems. For linearly unstable configurations, the dynamics leads to fully developed finite-amplitude perturbations that are computed by direct numerical simulations of the complete Navier—Stokes equations. By systematically investigating all linearly unstable combinations of streamwise wave number $k$ and and azimuthal mode number $m$, for streamwise Reynolds numbers Re$_z\leq 500$ and rotational Reynolds numbers Re$_\Omega\leq 500$, the complete range of nonlinear travelling waves is obtained and the associated flow fields are characterized.

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